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Tracy's Health - September 11, 2007

Tracy's last blood test showed improvement in some important areas. We continue to monitor his lab levels every two weeks. His energy levels have been great as he deals with a rather busy schedule. He is due to report in to the U.C. Davis, California, Transplant Center for re-evalutaion of his need/eligibilty for a kidney transplant when we return home in November. Please continue to pray along with us that his health will improve so much that he won't need a transplant.

The Dartts travel to Canada - September 10, 2007

Greetings! We trust you had a nice Labor Day weekend. We were in meetings with Evangelist, Dr. Wendell Calder, at Living Waters Bible Conference in Danforth, Me. It was fun catching up with old friends and making new.
We are currently touring in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada and are having a blast with the Speers. So far we have ministered in 12 Churches with the Speers in the past 2 weeks and have seen 20 people saved! We are truly enjoying the cooler temperatures New England and Canada have been offering. Today is about the first day off we have had since sometime in mid-August and it sure feels good! We are enjoying fresh seafood and the time with friends and family!
During the last part of August we released The Dartts' "Believing Him For A Miracle (SOUNDTRACKS)" and The Dartts' "Down To The Sea In Ships (SOUNDTRACKS)". They are NOW AVAILABLE online & will soon be available on iTunes and other digital retailers. Now you can sing along to our newest songs, including "Hallowed Be Thy Name" and "Believin' Him for a Miracle". We have published a few new photos online from our fall tour, but keep looking as we will try to update the photo gallery frequently! Thank you for all the prayers and please continue as we will sing 52 more concerts with the Speers between now and October 28th! A very busy schedule! We are hoping to see several more souls saved as we travel throughout the fall! God Bless you all!


Tracy has continued to recover very well. He looks good, feels good, and has done a fine job singing throughout the 8 concerts that we've done since his surgery. He is now able to eat pretty much anything, but in small quantities. His potassium levels have been a little high, so he's having to avoid potassium-rich foods. Right now, other than a calcium supplement, the only medication he is taking is a red blood cell-boosting shot every week or so. Over the last month, his creatinine level had continued to drop to as low as 4.7, but his most recent lab results indicated a creatinine level of 5.4. This is the number that we are watching in hopes that it will continue to drop. Please be in prayer with us that the creatinine level will drop and stay low. Tracy's kidney specialist doesn't think that the number will drop low enough to avoid the necessity of a kidney transplant. We are hoping and praying that we can avoid a transplant, due to the concern that travelling full-time may be too taxing on Tracy after a transplant procedure/while taking medications that will weaken his immune system, etc. At this point, Tracy doesn't have to see his bariatric surgeon again until January. However, he must still have his labs checked every 2 weeks, and his doctors have told us that a kidney transplant re-evaluation process should begin again in November. Thanks to all who have held us up in prayer, and to those who have given sacrificially to aid us financially through such a long time without regular income. We are still very much in need of your prayers on our behalf. With well more than 200 people who have received Christ under our ministry over the last year, we are confident that God can still use us for His purpose and for His glory. That is our desire.

The Dartts back on the Road! - July 23, 2007

Well, we are finally back on the road and in full swing! We left home July 10th for a short tour to Southern California and we arrived home last night, or should I say this morning at 4:00 AM! Our bus driver is taking the day off! haha! We had great services and over a dozen people saved! Praise the Lord! It was so refreshing to be back on the road and being with people who love us and most importantly, prayed for us! We will be leaving next week for 3 and a half months, so continue to be in prayer for that trip! We will begin in San Angelo, TX and travel through Misouri and on into Maine, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Toronto, NY, Michigan and will arrive home sometime in November. Pray for God to use us in a Mighty way and that souls will be saved through our efforts! We will be joining my mom and dad, Billy and Paula Speer for about 2 of those months in New England on our third annual "Fall Foliage Homecoming" Tour. Several of the dates are already posted and many more will be filling the calendar this week, so keep a close watch to see if we will be in your area! Thanks again for the support, encouragement and prayers and may you continue to enjoy the rest of your summer!
God Bless!

TUESDAY REPORT - June 26, 2007

Tracy is beginning to improve quite nicely and the doctor approved him to eat solid food this last week. Although he can only consume a half a cup serving, he is doing fine. His most recent lab results were better than the results from 2 weeks before surgery. His creatinine level dropped almost a whole point in a week's time. Praise the Lord!! We began practice this week, after not singing for nearly 2 months, and it feels good to be gearing up. We are looking forward to being back on the road full-force soon. We will be singing special music this week in Rio Linda, California, and Tracy will preach. Next Sunday night, July 8th, we hope to be back in concert in Woodland, California. We have a very busy fall tour that will take us out to New England, up into Canada and bring us home sometime in November, so please continue to pray for health and safety! God is so GOOD and has proven His faithfulness to us once again. We appreciate those of you who have stood by us and prayed for us and helped us financially over these last couple months. It has been a huge blessing and we are indeed grateful! We're not out of the woods quite yet. We're still in need of some financial help, as we will still have only a light schedule until August.

FINANCIAL NEEDS - June 26, 2007

As the Dartts enter Tracy's time of surgery and recovery, we will be off the road and therefore unable to bring in funds from love offerings and music sales, which is our only source of regular income. The Dartts have many financial obligations and we are in need of funds in order to meet these ongoing expenses. OUR EXPENSES WILL CONTINUE, BUT STARTING NOW, OUR INCOME HAS COME TO A VERY REAL HALT. We are asking YOU to prayerfully consider helping us meet these financial needs. We are asking you to take action and have a part in helping us through this challenging time. You can help by praying for us, by making a donation, and by purchasing our music from our online store.
Donations can be made payable and sent to;
The Dartts
P. O. Box 1776
Suisun City, CA 94585

We are able to receive donations by debit card and credit card as well. If you would like to use this method, please call us at 1-707-438-7777.

TUESDAY REPORT - June 19, 2007

Tracy continues to improve. There hasn't been a whole lot to report. He's getting more of an appettite, but not able to act on it quite yet as his food serving size allowance is still quite limited. Protien shakes & Green Food drinks have been a great help to supplement the small amounts of liquid foods he can eat. Tomorrow Tracy will be meeting once again with his surgeon, who is hoping, at that time, to increase his food allowances to include meats. Tracy is feeling good, looks great, & is still able to be without any of the pills he was formerly taking, for the time being, yet his numbers are still looking good as well. Please keep praying & thanks to those of you who have also acted to help with your financial offerings.

FRIDAY UPDATE - June 8, 2007

A good lab result for Tracy was reported today, showing an improvement in the reduction of his creatinine level. Also showing that his potassium, magnesium, & CO2 levels are good at present, in spite of the fact that since surgery, Tracy has hardly taken any of the supplements that his normal health regimen includes. His blood HCT count has improved, even though he hasn't had a blood building shot since he was released from the hospital. Across the board, Tracy's lab levels are all improving from what they were. Please continue to pray!


Tracy is still making some progress. The staple removal procedure went fine last Thursday. The doctor upped his intake quota of protien in order to deal with Tracy's nausea. That has been a definite improvement on cutting down his getting sick. His liquid/liquified food allowances were increased very slightly. He doesn't have much energy, though he is off of his pain meds now, unless he just has to have them. Tracy says, "Thanks to those of you who have been praying and thanks also to those who are reaching out to help us financially by sending their love offerings. Though I am improving, the process is slow, and the scheduling of upcoming doctor visits & my current physical condition has moved us to make the difficult decision to cancel our Pacific Northwest tour. We need to stay a little closer to home for a few more weeks." Please continue to pray.


Well, as of today, we are having to cancel our North West Coast Tour which takes us to Washington, Oregon and Idaho due to Tracy's slow recovery. We were hoping that we would be able to do this tour, but Tracy is just not ready. We apologize for any inconvenience to those who may have been looking foward to seeing us. Please continue to pray, as this means more time off the road. We are continuing to trust God to provide our needs while at home. We thank you all for the prayers and support given to us over the last several weeks. It is much-needed and we greatly appreciate it! God Bless!


Tracy is recovering pretty well. Although he's having some challenges with nausea, the doctors seem to think he's progressing successfully. This week is a week of doctor visits for Tracy. Today, his kidney specialist told him that his metabolic levels were looking good, and that for the time being he could refrain from taking some of the pills he's been having to take for years, potassium and magnesium. Tracy is able to get up and down the stairs at home, as needed. On Thursday he is due back in Sacramento to have his incision staples removed. Please continue to pray for his further and increasingly successful progress.


4pm Pacific Time - Tracy is now at home & resting well. The surgeon was pleased with his progress, as she was prepared to keep him in the hospital for another week or two if necessary. He is mobile as needed & he didn't have to bring any tubes/iv's or monitors home with him. He's due to return for a hospital visit next Thursday the 30th. Keep up the prayers, thanks, and God bless. We will continue to post updates when more information is available.

THURSDAY REPORT - May 24, 2007

We have been told this morning that Tracy is supposed to come home today. We are preparing to go get him. We will update with more info later today.


Tracy is continuing to progress. Had a little pain medication today, but he has been allowed to increase his intake of fluids, etc. Still gets hiccups now and then. Overall, he is improving.

TUESDAY REPORT - May 22, 2007

Today, Tracy had the tube removed from his nose/throat. He's been without pain medications all day. The surgeon said that the x-ray taken last night looked good enough that Tracy didn't need another x-ray today & they started him today on a very limited regiment of liquids. Please keep Tracy lifted up in prayer & please pray for our finances.


5:20pm Pacific time - Just a short while ago, Tracy's nurse listened to his abdominal area & stated that she heard positive intestinal sounds & said that it must mean that the intestines are beginning to function. He is headed down for another x-ray at 6pm Pacific time. We are praying that everything begins to function as fully and as soon as possible. Please pray with us toward that end.

MONDAY REPORT - May 21, 2007

12:45pm - This morning, Tracy seemed to have less fluid than ever being pumped from his stomach. Just before he was taken down for his imaging test his nurse told him that if it went well, he might be able to have something to drink. After the test, however, the surgeon said "not today, maybe tomorrow" in reference to Tracy getting a drink. She stated that she wanted to be safe. They are planning to clamp off Tracy's stomach pump tube today & see how he is able to do without it over the period of a day.

SUNDAY UPDATE - May 20, 2007

5:45pm - Tracy has walked twice today. His blood pressure has lowered a little, to the point where they shouldn't have to give him blood pressure medication. That's an answer to prayer. He was able to be without his stomach pump for a few hours today without being nauseated, and earlier this morning, the surgeon seemed to think that there were lower quantities of fluid that had been pumped from his stomach. Hopefully this means that the intestines are starting to "wake up", but we need all the prayers we can get for the "waking up" to kick into full gear. Tomorrow (Monday) is an important day. They will be running a liquid test, giving Tracy a special type of fluid to drink & then sending him down to imaging to see how the liquids progress through the newly connected intestine.

SATURDAY UPDATE - May 19, 2007

2:07pm - Tracy went for a little longer walk this morning. His hiccups still seem to be subsiding. He is very much wishing he could have a drink of water. The nurses have placed a finger monitor on him in order to keep an eye on his blood pressure. His blood pressure, which normally is fine, has been borderline high a few times since surgery. He is making some progress in other areas, but please be in prayer that the newly re-connected intestine will kick in and start operating again soon.

FRIDAY REPORT - May 18, 2007

Not much change with Tracy. He is still not allowed to drink or eat anything. He walked once today & is supposed to walk once more before day's end. Please continue to pray.

THURSDAY UPDATE - May 17, 2007

1:40pm - Tracy is continuing to recover well. He walked down the hall and back with a nurse on two seperate occasions earlier this morning. His surgeon says he's progressing well. A kidney specialist dropped in today & said his bloodwork looked good. Still no food or drink. His hiccups seem to be much less frequent. He said he didn't sleep real good through the night, but better than the last two nights. Keep up the prayers.

DAY AFTER SURGERY - May 16, 2007

4:17pm Pacific Time - Tracy seems to be recovering well. He is clear-minded and able to speak a little in spite of the intrusion of the stomach pumping tube he's got down his throat. His nurse had him walk slowly down the hall and back earlier today. He said he felt a little unsure and lightheaded through that adventure. He is, of course, unable to eat or drink anything at this point, but he said the nurse staff are doing a good job keeping his pain managed. He didn't get a great sleep through the night, due to frequent and on-going hiccup spells. As far as we know, Tracy will be here in the hospital for another 9 days. He is at the Mercy San Juan Medical Center - Main Building in Carmichael, California. Please continue to pray.


At 4:10pm Pacific Time the surgeon met with and informed us that Tracy did fine through the surgery, both surgery objectives were successfully completed, and that Tracy is in recovery. We were told that He will not have to be kept in CCU or ICU, and that he will be transferred to a normal hospital room once he has fully recovered. There's even talk that they might get him to walk for them tomorrow. Much prayer is still needed for Tracy's continued successful recovery. Much prayer is also needed concerning our upcoming financial needs as we go through the next several weeks with no regular income. We will continue to post updates as more information becomes available. Thank you for your prayers!


Tracy was taken into surgery at about 12:15pm Pacific Time here at the Mercy San Juan Medical Center in Carmichael, California. Surgery is still in progress. We'll keep the updates coming as more information is available.


Tracy is fasting today in preparation for tomorrow's surgery. He is due at the hospital in Sacramento at 9am Pacific time. We've been told Tracy is due to be the 3rd in line for the day on his surgeon's schedule.
Tomorrow's scheduled surgery will consist of 2 major objectives. For the first objective, the surgeon will attempt to undo an intestinal by-pass surgery that Tracy had more than 30 years ago. Back in the 1970's, Tracy had this surgery for life-saving weight-loss purposes, as he was 400 pounds and growing. Over the years the effects of that surgery have included the chronic forming of kidney stones, resulting in much wear and tear on his kidneys and a near-death experience back in mid-2004. At this time, Tracy's "medical board of review" has stated that he must have the old by-pass reconnected BEFORE they will consider him eligible for a possible kidney transplant; OBJECTIVE #1 ~ RECONNECT THE BY-PASSED INTESTINE.
OBJECTIVE #2; The 2nd objective will be to perform a re-constructive stomach surgery in order to avoid the possible gaining back of excessive body weight from the reconnected intestine.
Please be in prayer & check back right here in our "DARTT NEWS" area to keep up to date on Tracy's surgery & condition as he recovers from this very intrusive procedure. Cards and much-needed donations can be sent to;
The Dartts
P. O. Box 1776
Suisun City, CA 94585
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