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The Dartts: DARTT NEWS

Tracy Health Update! Part 12 - March 18, 2009

Not a lot to report, but a couple of things of interest. Tracy was able to get his dialysis schedule switched to an evening time slot, which is much more comfortable for he & Sharon. Also, Tracy has an appointment with his surgeon on Friday, March 27, so we are hoping & praying for some good news at that point. In the mean time, Stone & BJ have continued their singing engagements in Florida, sharing the Gospel in song & seeing a few people come to the Lord, & Tracy's working harder than ever to fill the calendar for the rest of the year & on into 2010.

by Stone

Donations clearly marked for “THE DARTTS” can be given through our home church;

Napa Valley Baptist Church
2303 Trower Ave.
Napa, CA 94558

or, if you prefer to give directly, make payment to “The Dartts” & send to;

The Dartts
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Tracy Health Update! Part 11 - February 27, 2009

Tracy & Sharon continue their routine of three trips a week for dialysis, in addition to other tests & doctor appointments.

One important milestone is that Tracy's doctors have confirmed that he is NOT a candidate for peritoneal dialysis, and therefore, made an appointment for an outpatient procedure to put a permanent dialysis port into Tracy's arm. That procedure was Thursday, February 19th, & all went well. Also, since last report, Tracy's heart specialist said that his heart was showing some improvement & that with medication treatment & continued heart improvement, he was hopeful about Tracy's prospects of having a kidney transplant. We are still looking at a minimum of several months before Tracy could return to the road.

He & Sharon met up with Stone & BJ to perform one Sunday morning service in Alexander City, AL, since it was only about 5 hours away from home. It was a good time together & we were pleased with how good he looks & how well he seems to be feeling & responding to treatment.

Stone & BJ just returned to Florida from a visit back home to Nashville. While in Nashville, they were able to do some recording with Tracy & Sharon for the upcoming "God On The Mountain Legacy" project which is a DVD that is set to be released within the next few months. A "God On The Mountain Legacy" CD is also in the works.

Please continue to pray for The Dartts. Specifically, we need prayer for the Lord to bless Tracy as he books our upcoming schedule. We need prayer for the Lord to provide our needs financially, as we have many needs & expenses through this time of Tracy's health difficulty. We are hoping that Tracy will be able to have a kidney transplant soon, that his recovery will be swift, & that he & Sharon will be able to return to the road by the end of 2009.

by Stone

Donations clearly marked for “THE DARTTS” can be given through our home church;

Napa Valley Baptist Church
2303 Trower Ave.
Napa, CA 94558

or, if you prefer to give directly, make payment to “The Dartts” & send to;

The Dartts
P.O. Box 422
Greenbrier, TN 37073

Cruise to Alaska! - February 1, 2009

Registration is now OPEN for Alaska 2010!
We are so excited to be singing on Jubilee at Sea to Alaska! We will be joining several other great Gospel musicians on a 7 night, 8 day cruise to one of the most popular cruising destinations in the world! If you love Gospel music, and lots of R&R, then this is the trip for you! Each evening will be a Gospel concert with a challenge brought by Evangelist Wendell Calder. We will be sailing on the beautiful Rhapsody of the Seas, part of the Royal Caribbean fleet. Prices are ALL INCLUSIVE and start at $1199. Deposits are $150 per person and registration is open. Call Pam Farnsworth at 207-546-7651 and tell her the DARTTS sent you! We know you will enjoy this trip of a Lifetime!

MAY 21 - 28, 2010

Tracy Arm Fjord
Victoria, BC
(Cruise is roundtrip from Seattle)
Groups Performing

US GOSPEL NEWS - February 1, 2009

BJ Speer is featured in an article for the February issue of US Gospel News. If you do not have US Gospel News, the article can be viewed on their website at: click on online articles
click on Southern Gospel's Next Generation.

Tracy Health Update! Part 10 - January 21, 2009

At Tuesday's dialysis appointment, Tracy found out that his last lab test showed his creatinine level had dropped to 4.0, down from over 9. That's definitely good news. Also, tests showed that Tracy's thyroid is in perfect condition, which evidently means there is hope that Tracy's heart condition can improve. Please continue to pray.

by Stone

Tracy Health Update! Part 9 - January 19, 2009

Today was the start of Tracy's 3rd week of dialysis treatments. This week, he is scheduled for early morning treatments, which brings some potential for icy morning driving conditions. Today was a bit cold & snowy. This afternoon was also the first appointment Tracy had with his new heart specialist. He & Sharon are very pleased with the doctor, who listened to Tracy's heartbeat & didn't hear anything too abnormal. At this point, the doctor expressed some hope that a heart surgery might not be necessary, but said that further testing was needed, scheduling an MRI for this coming Monday the 26th. We are, of course, hoping & praying for good test results for this & any other medical tests that will be thrown Tracy's direction. Please continue to pray & check back here for more updates!
In the meantime, Stone & BJ had a good beginning to their tour out in Phoenix, AZ, at Thomas Road Baptist Church with Pastor Ken Adrian. Please be in prayer for Pastor Adrian, as he also has some serious health needs. Also visiting, was Gary Grey, Pastor of Park Crest Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri, who is currently President of the Baptist Bible Fellowship. This was a good kick off for Stone & BJ as they start their singing tour back toward the east coast. This week, they'll be singing in Benson, AZ, Silver City, NM, & then make their way to Louisiana for the weekend. Please pray for great concerts & journey mercies.

by Stone

Tracy Health Update! Part 8 - January 12, 2009

Tracy is at home after being discharged from the hospital on Friday evening. His breathing is much improved, & he’s coughing less. He is on a liquid restricted, renal/heart healthy diet, which sure isn’t any fun to keep track of. He doesn’t seem to be bothered much by any pain from the dialysis port in his neck/chest area, which is good, and he’s able to get some good sleep. It's not all rest though, because today begins the new routine for Tracy & Sharon of driving into downtown Nashville 3 days a week for Tracy’s dialysis treatments as an outpatient. It’s about a 60 mile round trip, plus treatment time of about 4 hours per visit. Next Monday (Jan. 19th) Tracy will have his first visit to a heart specialist to check the progress of his heart function. Please pray with us that the Lord will restore full heart function to Tracy so that he can undergo surgery. It would be beneficial for him to have surgery to install a more optimal dialysis port, allowing for more effective treatment. It would be even MORE beneficial for him to have surgery for a kidney transplant so that dialysis would no longer be necessary. These are very serious needs. We would love to see the Lord give Tracy healing miracles & a quick return to the road, but until that happens, it looks as if Tracy will be off the road for a while. It could be weeks, it could be months.
We are anticipating some very serious challenges ahead for our family & for the ministry of The Dartts, financially & otherwise. Tracy & Sharon will be sending off Stone Dartt & BJ Speer to continue traveling & carrying on the ministry of The Dartts until Tracy is able to return to the road. Until then, Tracy is hoping to continue work at home, scheduling dates to fill our calendar, & working to replace any date cancelations that may come down the road. We’re already getting a few of those. We need your prayers & support. Donations clearly marked for “THE DARTTS” can be given through our home church;

Napa Valley Baptist Church
2303 Trower Ave.
Napa, CA 94558

or, if you prefer to give directly, make payment to “The Dartts” & send to;

The Dartts
P.O. Box 422
Greenbrier, TN 37073

Tracy Health Update! Part 7 - January 8, 2009

Tracy had his second dialysis treatment this morning, resulting in the removal of another 2 & a half liters of excess fluid. He was rather weary this evening. Doctors discussed some upcoming heart tests to continue monitoring Tracy's ability to undergo surgery. Tomorrow will be three days in a row of dialysis treatments for Tracy & there is strong talk of sending him home over the weekend. It is unclear whether or not they expect to readmit him next week. Keep us in your prayers & we'll report more tomorrow.

by Stone

Tracy Health Update! Part 6 - January 7, 2009

Early this morning, Tracy underwent the procedure to put a dialysis port in his neck area. Shortly thereafter, he had his first dialysis treatment. It took about 3 & a half hours & the doctors said the process removed 2 liters of excess fluid from his blood. Tracy had no complaints & his spirits seemed to be up. He didn't seem exhausted & he had a good appetite come dinner time. Later in the evening he began sensing a little pain in the area where his dialysis port procedure was done, so he was given a little pain medication for it. He's definitely ready for a good night's sleep & the doctors say they will give him dialysis treatments for the next two days. Keep praying & we'll keep you up to date. Thanks & God bless you all!

by Stone

Tracy Health Update! Part 5 - January 6, 2009

Today was a little bit more restful for Tracy, but this morning brought more sobering news. At this point the doctors have concluded that for now, Tracy's heart is not strong enough to take the chance of performing a major surgery on him. This means that unless his heart function improves, he cannot have the type of surgery that might allow him to undergo dialysis while remaining on the road. It also means that unless his heart function improves, he cannot undergo surgery for a kidney transplant.
Tomorrow (Wednesday), Tracy is scheduled to undergo a procedure to install a dialysis port in his neck area, after which, he will most likely undergo his first dialysis treatment. He will most likely remain in the hospital for a few more days. Once he is released from the hospital, it will be necessary for he & Sharon to remain close to home indefinitely in order to allow for a new schedule of going to a local hospital 3 or 4 days a week for dialysis treatments that will each last about 4 hours. The medical staff will continue to monitor Tracy's progress, and it is our hope that he will strengthen enough to allow for surgery, and perhaps even for a return to life on the road.
To deal with these changes, we have decided to cancel our first few dates in Arizona & take a week to put our heads together as a family & as a group & make some decisions. Please continue to pray for the Dartt family & the ministry of The Dartts.

by Stone

Tracy Health Update! Part 4 - January 5, 2009

A busy day today for Tracy, meeting with doctors, ultra-sound test & CT scan, among other things. The treatment for retained fluids has had some successful results. There are discussions about whether he will need dialysis, & what type he'll need if he does. One disturbing report this evening was that tests had shown he has a certain amount of heart failure (leaky valves), which we never expected to hear. So we end another day & hope to hear more news (preferably good news) tomorrow after his doctors investigate further. It does not look like Tracy will be out of the hospital in time to make our scheduled flight on Thursday, which means we have decisions to make about our schedule. Please pray for all of us to have wisdom & grace & strength as we make these decisions.

by Stone

Tracy Health Update! Part 3 - January 5, 2009

Tracy is resting well in his room at Vanderbilt Medical Center & is going through some tests & expecting to meet with his new kidney specialist & a transplant committee in the morning (Monday). Please continue to pray.

Tracy Health Update! Part 2 - January 4, 2009

Praise the Lord, a room became available & Tracy is currently in transit to Vanderbilt Medical Center via ambulance. Thanks for your continued prayers. We'll update as info becomes available.

by Stone

Tracy Health Update! Part 1 - January 4, 2009

Happy New Year to everyone! It's been a long time since our last update, due to an extremely busy Christmas Tour season for The Dartts. We had a wonderful west coast tour with many souls saved & we've had a wonderful Christmas/New Years time with family here in our Tennessee home.
For the last 2 months, Tracy has been fighting a bronchial irritation that causes him to cough quite frequently & he's been experiencing shortness of breath, & more recently, some swelling. Also, his creatinine level has recently increased to over 9. He is currently in transition between his California kidney specialist & his new doctor here in Tennessee, tomorrow being his first scheduled appointment.
Because of the recent increase in breathing difficulty, and in order to not take any chances with his health, we decided to take Tracy into the emergency room last night (Saturday) in Springfield, TN, at the NorthCrest Medical Center where he is currently awaiting transfer to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville.
We are praying for a room to open up quickly at Vanderbilt, & for the doctors to have wisdom in diagnosing & treatment, & for Tracy's quick recovery & improved health. Please pray for Tracy & the Dartt family & for the ministry of The Dartts.

by Stone

The Dartts Cruise to Alaska! - September 19, 2008

We have just booked a 7 night/8 day Cruise to Alaska in May 2010 and we want YOU to sail along with us! It seems like a long way from now, but we are taking early reservations to ensure a fun filled vacation for all of you! Singers scheduled to appear (but are subject to change) are: Billy and Paula Speer, The Dartts, The Puffers, The Weatherford, The Henry Family, The Johnsons, and other special guests including guest speaker, Wendell Calder. We have been asked by several of you to take a west coast cruise, so now is your chance to sail with us!
The Schedule is as followed.

The cruise is being booked by ALPINE TRAVEL
TEL 207 546-7651
Talk to Pam Farnsworth and tell her the Dartts sent you!
Deposits are being taken now and when you book before May 31, 2009 you can save!
Prices start at $1199 - $1799 and are ALL INCLUSIVE (including taxes, port fees, gratuities, meals and Gospel Concerts)
We look forward to hearing from you and sailing to the GREAT STATE OF ALASKA, home of VP Nominee, Sarah Palin!! For more information, request a brochure by emailing us at:

August 7th UPDATE! - August 7, 2008

Greetings from The Dartts! We are currently enjoying a day off in Arlington, Texas. We left from the Nashville area on Saturday the 2nd to begin this tour, which will keep us on the road for about 7 weeks. We kicked the tour off with a weekend in the Ft. Worth area, with temperatures over 100 degrees. It was very toasty. Kind of a "soggy toasty-ness". Anyway, on this trip we'll be singing in Texas & Maine & a whole bunch of other states in between. That should keep us busy.

House News: After our last report (July 17th) we spent two weeks on a roller coaster of "on-again, off-again" circumstances with our efforts to buy a home in Tennessee. We even delayed the beginning of our tour so that we could stay in town to try & finish our house purchase and move. From the 17th through the 24th we jumped through one hoop after another in order to make the finance folks happy. It was around then we were notified that the loan company division we had been dealing with was dissolving & we were being handed off to another financial institution. At the time, it seemed like a devastating blow, but we kept praying & hoping through every step of the way, & we knew we had a whole bunch of folks keeping us in prayer before the Lord. We actually had a rather large team of people working together trying to do everything they could do to get the house deal through.

We seemed to be "in the home-stretch", but then, on July 25th, we got word that another person had been given priority in the bidding, and they had until Wednesday, July 30th, to come up with the financing. If they couldn't get it by then, the house would be ours. So we were back in a holding pattern once again. The other bidder's time window came to a close on Wednesday night, & we once again had first priority.

On Thursday morning, August 3rd, we closed on the house & got our keys. We had Thursday & Friday to have all of our belongings moved into the house from storage, to change the locks, install utilities & alarm system, have some electrical issues resolved, & prepare the house & bus for leaving on a 7 week tour. Talk about a circus! And to top it all off, something even MORE important happened late Friday night; Forrest & Sabrina Dartt (Tracy & Sharon's Son & Daughter-in-law/Stone's Brother & Sister-in-law) had a brand new baby boy, Nolan, who makes a total of 9 Grandchildren for Tracy & Sharon. It was a great blessing to be in town for this wonderful occasion. Obviously, we didn't have time to even think about unpacking. We are looking forward to that project when we get home from this tour.

Thanks so much to all who kept us in prayer! We prayed many, many, many times that God would work a miracle. We prayed that He would "break this loose" for us & asked for His will to be done. There is no word more fitting than "miracle" to describe how this all came about & we are careful to give God the glory for blessing us with our Tennessee home.

by Stone Dartt

July 17th update! - July 17, 2008

Please continue to be in prayer for the Dartts' house purchase. We did a final walk through for the home yesterday (Wed) & we are scheduled to take possession tomorrow morning (Fri), but we just got word from our lender that due to new rules that were just put in place 10 days ago, our home loan has been turned down. There is now no way we can possibly buy a home at this time unless God works an absolute miracle. We are trusting, praying, & waiting for God to work all these things out according to His will. Please pray with us. God bless.

by Stone Dartt

July 14th Update! - July 14, 2008

Today, we are in the Birmingham, Alabama area preparing to head over to a TV taping of the Alabama "Gospel Jubilee".
This is an exciting week for The Dartts, as we are hoping to complete the purchase of a home in the Nashville area on Friday. A few months ago, God blessed us with a very experienced real estate agent, Tracy Stanfill, who has done an incredible job for us. She was referred to us by a Nashville area church, and having lived in the area all her life, she has been an excellent advisor to us as we have tried to find a home that meets all of our needs (space, location, bus parking, etc.). We found a home back in April that we fell in love with, and we made an offer which was promptly accepted. We were very excited & when we got home from our Florida tour (Jan-April), we hit the ground running. We packed up all of our belongings & had them transported out to a storage facility in Tennessee. While our belongings were in transit, we were outbid by another buyer & ended up losing the house, along with the money we had paid for a couple of home inspections. It slowed us down a bit, but we pressed on & kept praying that the Lord would provide us the house He meant for us to have. Just a couple of weeks ago we found a house, made an offer, and it looks as if everything is going well. Please pray for us this week & beyond as we are hoping to get settled into this house before we have to head out on the 1st of August for our next extended tour. Also, please pray for us as we begin to reform the routing of our tour schedules from a new home base location in Tennessee. We need the Lord to bless us with new friendships and contacts, especially in the south and along the east coast. If you or someone you know would like to be blessed through the ministry of The Dartts, please give us a call at (707) 688-9762, or e-mail us at THEDARTTS@DARTTMUSIC.COM. We have a spot in our calendar for you!
We each had a little bout with a cold a few weeks ago, but we're all doing well now. Tracy is also feeling well & had an encouraging lab report within the last several days.
We've had some exciting opportunities over the last couple of months. At the beginning of June, we were at the "Great Western Southern Gospel Fan Festival" in Fresno, California, and had an opportunity to sing in a couple of afternoon showcases. This was our first time to actually sing at one of these festivals/conventions, and we had a tremendous response at our booth, with folks stopping by to pick up our music, to express their appreciation for "God On The Mountain", to share words of encouragement, & to ask questions about our ministry. Not long after, we were invited to sing in the main program at the "Great Western Southern Gospel Fan Festival" 2009. Also, the last day of June, we had an opportunity to sing at a taping of "The Jim Bakker Show", which was a lot of fun, and was a wonderful exposure for our ministry. They also gave us an open invitation to return to the show in the future.
Production continues on "The God On The Mountain Legacy" TV/DVD project, featuring interviews with Lynda Randle, The McKameys, and many more. Keep checking back for more information as the weeks go on. We are hoping to air the TV special this fall, & we're also hoping to have the DVD available by the year's end.

by Stone Dartt

The Dartts' Are Moving To Tennessee! - May 10, 2008

Having arrived home from our Florida tour, we've been busy, busy, busy, spending our first week preparing to move to Tennessee. Lots of praying, sorting, cleaning, discarding, packing, & planning. We're getting ready now to head out for our weekend dates in the Fresno, California area, & we'll be posting more news soon. At this time, we would ask folks to be praying for The Dartts' Move To Tennessee. We need prayer for our home to sell quickly & at a good price, we need prayer for wisdom about how to move, prayer for the Lord to provide for & work out the acquiring of our next home. Additionally, we're all feeling well. Tracy's last lab test was good, with a creatinine level around 5.5. More soon! God Bless!

Spring Tour!! - March 15, 2008

It's hard to believe we are well into our Florida tour with only a few dates left before heading back to California. We left home January and thus far have seen 132 Salvations! We attended the Gospel Fest Cruise in February and what a BLAST that was! The dates for next year have been set for Feb 28- Mar 5th. Mark your Calendars NOW!! We are blessed to have such a busy schedule with 28 concerts in March alone! The Gospel Jubilee in Orlando and Bradenton, Florida was a great success as we caught up with The Speers, The Puffers and The Weatherfords. Many thanks to Jim Farr who was our master of ceremonies, and did such a great job! The dates for next years Jubilee are March 6 & 7, 2009 - We hope you can make it!
We will be leaving Florida March 31st and heading to Nashville, TN where BJ will be recording his 3rd Solo project. Pray for strong vocals! While in Nashville, we will be recording more footage for the "God on the Mountain video". the McKamey's are being interviewed this week and there will be more to follow with Lynda Randle, Bill Gaither and Mana Music Publishing! Pray for production of this video project, we are so excited to see what God is doing. We will also be performing at TBN Studios with the Imperials on Saturday night, April 5th.
Several things have been happening with the Dartts and we are so excited! We thank you for your prayers and support over the last several months. Tracy's health is doing great and his energy levels are increasing daily! If we can only get 2 doctors to agree on the same thing, we would be in better shape. Please pray for guidance in knowing what to do with the kidney transplant.
New pictures and tour dates have been added to the website, so check them out and God Bless!

Welcome to 2008!! - January 19, 2008

Greetings from the Dartts! December was a busy month for us as we toured around our home state of California singing 17 concerts in 23 days. We had a wonderful Christmas, with a visit from Peachy (Sharon & Tracy's daughter) and her kids while Peachy's husband, Major Stephen McLain, is serving in Iraq. An added surprise was a visit from 2 more of Tracy & Sharon's Grandchildren, Rain & Mikaila (2 of Frosty Dartt's 3 children) from Nashville, TN. We all had a wonderful time together finishing out the year with much thanks to the Lord as He blessed us with well over 500 souls saved in 2007.

It's been a great start to the year so far. We have been back on the road now for one week & we've made it as far as Phoenix, AZ. We're due to be in Florida by the end of January & we are very much looking forward to our Gospel Fest Cruise to Mexico and Beliz. There's still time to make a last minute booking!! (hint, hint) Tracy has been feeling great, along with the rest of us & we are still praying that his creatinine will lower. We're also praying for guidance & wisdom as we deal with the possibility of an upcoming kidney transplant for Tracy. His kidney specialist is pushing for it to be done soon, while the council in charge of approving the transplant says it isn't urgent. As you can imagine, that puts us in a kind of decision-making limbo, but in the mean time, donor information packets have been sent to a few potential donor volunteers. With all this we press on, continuing our day to day efforts to minister the Gospel through song & spoken word. We are living with faith that the Lord will give us direction in our upcoming paths, that He will continue to use us as ministering tools in His hands, & that our needs will be met in the event we need to take another break from the road in order for Tracy to have a transplant. Please pray for The Dartts; for good health & safety in travel, for guidance as we make medical decisions & scheduling decisions, & for the possibility of an upcoming video special & ongoing television program.

The Dartts

P.S. Please be in prayer for our friends who have experienced recent loss in their families, as well as for those who are struggling with special needs.

by Stone

Thanks. - November 27, 2007

Thanks for your prayers. Tracy has improved & we are going to attempt to make it to our concert in Roseville, CA tonight. Please pray that Tracy's improvement will continue.

PRAYER REQUEST FOR TRACY - November 27, 2007

Please keep Tracy in your prayers today. He had a nauseating headache through most of the night and all day today so far. He hasn't been able to keep anything down today. We are talking with his doctor & may have to cancel our concert in Roseville this evening. We will update.

Fall Tour a SUCCESS!! - November 9, 2007

Hello faithful friends and music lovers! Today is Sharons Birthday and we are celebrating by just being HOME and of course there has to be SWEETS!!! Tracy and Stoney arrived home Monday evening after a long drive from Nevada! Sharon and I arrived home last evening flying from Virginia and Tennessee. We had an amazing Fall Tour with the Speers and plans are being made for another tour next year. If your Church would be interested in hosting a concert, please give our office a call as soon as possible as dates are being scheduled already!
Over the past 3 months, we have seen over 200 people come to know Christ as Lord and Savior, making 484 decisions for the year! We praise the Lord for good health, safety and the amazing blessings He has poured out to us each day. Tracy's health is doing fine, in fact he had one of his best reports yesterday and we thank the Lord for a remarkable recovery. He is meeting with the kidney specialist again sometime later this month for another re-evaluation. We are praying that the kidney transplant will no longer be needed, so believe with us for a miracle!!
We will be home in California for a couple weeks before starting our Christmas concert series, so we will be spending some time preparing old songs, new songs and some medleys as we start right after Thanksgiving!
We thank you all for your prayers and support and we trust you truly have a wonderful Thanksgiving, remembering all that God has done for us and continues to do! The God on the Mountain, will still be God in Valley!
God Bless!


Join us January 28th through February 2nd, 2008 for a 6 DAY/5 NIGHT Gospel Fest Cruise on Royal Caribbean's 'Navigator Of The Seas' departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Enjoy great Gospel Concerts every day, at your liesure, featuring more than 20 different Gospel groups, artists, and Christian speakers! Cruise with us to Cozumel, Mexico, and Belize City, Belize! Tour ancient Mayan ruins! Experience unique shopping opportunities in tropical ports of call & choose from many different premium shore excursions unique to this luxurious & unforgettable type of vacation! Enjoy the best dining experiences you could possibly imagine... food so amazing that you will want to take pictures of it all to show your friends at home! Snorkel, shop, get a massage, rest, relax... so many options! One of the largest ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet, the 'Navigator Of The Seas' features multiple restaurants, a luxurious on-board shopping mall, multiple pools and hot tubs, on-board spa services, an ice-skating rink, miniature golf, in-line skating, a rock-climbing wall. Whether a first-time cruiser or an experienced ocean adventurer, this is the vacation for you! Don't miss this wonderful opportunity! Book your Gospel Fest Cruise today by calling Cruise Away International at (727)781-3997. Let them know The Dartts sent you. See you on-board!!!
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