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Dartt News! - Update from Tracy 12/2

     Tracy Dartt continues his recovery at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville with wife, Sharon, staying by his side day and night. Over the last couple of days they have given him multiple platelet and plasma treatments, and they've given him two units of blood so far - all in an effort to get his blood pressure normalized, as it was very low in the first 24 hours of recovery. It does seem to be readily improving.
     Doctors found fairly early on in Tracy's recovery that he was fighting an infection, so they started him immediately on a 7-day regimen of antibiotics. We were glad to hear that blood tests showed NO infection in his bloodstream. 
     During the past 2 & 1/2 days, Tracy has also had a fever, ranging from mild to moderately high, but that also is improving presently. He hasn't been walking yet, as he is still on a lot of pain meds & is week. His appetite has been getting better & he's been able to sit up in a chair some. 
     Tracy and Sharon are both very pleased with the staff at Vanderbilt & thankful to see so many young people there involved with the medical programs at Vanderbilt University who are so committed to doing what it takes to take care of patients in an excellent and gracious manner. 
     Thanks for continuing to pray for Tracy's recovery. It's looking at this point like Tracy's hospital/therapy rehab stay will continue for at least another 10-12 days. 

Update from Tracy!

II Corinthians 9:11

Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God.


Having enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, we have much to be thankful for. The Boys (Stoney and BJ) are back on the road, and now have just 11 dates left to sing before they return home to Tennessee to celebrate Christmas.

Tracy’s Health - Is great! He is doing well with physical therapy, and the old legs are coming back. The surgeon will give him a final OK (Lord Willing), on December 3rd, 

and our plan is to have Sharon and Tracy back on the road in January.

New Music - Tracy and Sharon have been busy writing several new songs. Looks like we have almost enough for a new album project. SONGS, that is! 

Financing always seems to need another miracle! But, we’ve had many a miracle before!

2015 Schedule - 158 Concerts are in the book so far, for 2015. We have dates booked in 28 states, and 3 provinces of Canada. We continue to work toward our goal of

200 bookings, a full schedule for a full time group.

Souls - As of this writing, The Lord has graciously allowed us to see 173 Salvation decisions so far this year. (Please pray for a greater harvest in 2015). 

Answers to Prayer - Repairs at home have begun, with the very smallest items, of course, but it’s progress! The driveway is next on the list, hopefully in just a week or so.

Please pray that we will see The Lord’s clear direction about staying in this country home or relocating to a smaller, simpler home.

As we count our blessings, today and every day, let’s remember - Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, 

with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1:17 

Let’s remember, and give thanks to our Father in Heaven, Who loves us, saves us, comforts us in our afflictions, and "who giveth us richly all things to enjoy.” (I Timothy 6:17).




THE DARTTS - "Get Up And Get Your Shoes On"

     In a victorious return to the recording studio after a bit of a dry spell, The Dartts have re-awakened to release their "Get Up And Get Your Shoes On" album - a sparkling collection of brand new, freshly written songs. With more than 40 years of amazing song-writing behind him, Tracy Dartt has done it again as he, along with his wife, Sharon Dartt, son, Stone Dartt, and fellow group member, BJ Speer have joined together to bring a wonderful new collage of spiritually impacting messages to the world of Gospel Music. From the witty ramblings of the opening track, "You Gotta Serve The Lord," to the happy challenge of the title song, "Get Up And Get Your Shoes On," to the prayerful strains of the closing number, "The Lord Bless Thee," this album is sure to keep you engaged and entertained. You'll find comfort in the words of "I Am With You Always" and reminisce as you enjoy the picturesque storyline of "The Little Grey House With The Clothesline". You might find your toe tapping on "Dusty Road," which marks the first time The Dartts have recorded a BJ Speer composition, and it's the inspiration for the title of BJ's latest biographical book, "Dusty Road," which shares the challenges of losing his Dad to Alzheimer's disease. Let your spirit soar to the worshipful tunes, "Lord Bid Me Come To Thee" and "The Name Above Every Name." Three staples of any new project by The Dartts are here - A cowboy song, "Before Sundown," A humorous song, "Sent And Went" (kinda sounds like Dr. Seuss meets Gilbert and Sullivan), and a southern gospel song, "Row Your Boat." There's no denying the strong convicting impact of thoughtful tunes, "With Him" and "The Rest Of Your Life." Topped off by a refreshing variety of musical styles, "Get Up And Get Your Shoes On" is sure to become a new favorite album for many.


Buy the album on iTunes by clicking here!

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"The God On The Mountain Legacy - Music From The Motion Picture"

Tracy Dartt has written a multitude of Gospel songs. Many of them have become very well known. Some of them have become great international hits, and recorded by the biggest names in Gospel Music - artists such as The Cathedral Quartet, Jake Hess, Jason Crabb, Lynda Randle, The McKameys,The Dixie Melody Boys, The Weatherfords, The Lesters, The Regents of Southern California, Jessy Dixon, John Starnes, and countless others. This is a collection of a few of those songs, specifically songs that were heard throughout the one-of-a-kind, inspiring, biographical documentary movie, "The God On The Mountain Legacy" available from Dartt Media Group. Included in this collection are the first original recordings of "The God On The Mountain", "The Last Sunday", "Your Blesser Ain't Never Been Blessed", and "A Matter Of Policy". You'll hear classic recordings from The Weatherfords, Tracy Dartt, The Regents of Southern California, and The Victors. You'll also hear brand new recordings from The Dartts and from Tracy Dartt.

Let these songs take you back through your favorite inspirational moments of "The God On The Mountain Legacy"!


-"The God On The Mountain Legacy"


     Welcome to DARTTMUSIC.COM! We are excited to introduce you to the next exciting footstep in The Legacy of Tracy Dartt's song,

"God On The Mountain"...

Experience this world class movie, a 90-minute film that is LIKE NO OTHER in Gospel Music...

    There are times when the message of a song - a few words put to music - can move a heart or change a life. It can have more of an impact than a great novel or an epic film. Especially a song like "God On The Mountain". It's Message? GOD LOVES YOU, and His love for you is not dependent upon your circumstances. Whether you are down in the valley or on the mountaintop His love never changes.

     "The God On The Mountain Legacy" is an inspiring documentary that explores the phenomenon of one of Gospel Music's favorite songs. Featuring stories and commentary from the song's author, Tracy Dartt, and the artists who made it a hit, The McKameys, Lynda Randle, and Lily Fern Weatherford. Also hear stories and thoughts on The Legacy and The Message Of Hope that is found in the Legendary Gospel Song, "God On The Mountain" from other Gospel legends, Ben Speer, Phil Cross, Eddie Crook, and others. "The God On The Mountain Legacy" will delight gospel music fans all over the world. Click on the image to the right to go to "OUR STORE", where you can order your DVD today!

     Love the song? Love the movie? We invite you to experience more of them online and keep up to date with future "GOTML" news and releases by visiting to participate! Also, become a fan of "The God On The Mountain Legacy" and "The Dartts" on FACEBOOK!




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